Born and raised in NYC Michael currently lives in Los Angeles California. He has survived a childhood the likes of which has taken the lives of many other child actors and he has been able to turn his experiences into a contribution to others.

Living through drug and alcohol use from his early teens he traveled the dark road of addiction for over 25 years.

On a cold day in October 1995 hopelessly addicted to Heroin and living in a garage the choice suddenly seemed simple; live or die. A choice that now brings him into a world of recovery. Having directed technology start-ups for multiple high end rehab centers in Malibu, CA as well as being Certified both as a Chemical Dependency Counselor and in Equine-assisted learning, he offers his experience as both a recovering addict and recovery professional eagerly and without reserve.

You needn't have a history in entertainment to feel one with this tale that was once classified by his psychologist as ”not normal” with a look on her face that told Michael, “something’s very wrong here”. The journey he shares claims to answer no questions, but rather attempts to embrace his place in humanity alongside lifelong friends and family while shareing the inquiry; ” Who are we and why are we here?”

Enjoy this deeply personal story that speaks in a common voice yet touches each of us in our own unique way. Michael shares his passage through a life that begins in perceived superiority and separation, winds itself through sadness, joy, and fear, ultimately coming to a rest in hope suggesting that, perhaps we can help each other, if we are first willing to ask for help ourselves.


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